Studio Cashmere 8 was born from a love of knitting and an exquisite fabric, Cashmere, which united four childhood friends. They each started their careers separately in the Cashmere business, in different parts of the world, before embarking on a common adventure which represented their beliefs, friendship and of course their passion for fashion.

Studio Cashmere 8 draws on the knowledge that was acquired during their travels across Mongolia, capturing simple moments of happiness under yurts and shared exchanges with the Mongolian nomads. They admired magical places where the copper coloured land of the Gobi desert, the immaculate clouds and the bright blue sky all blended together.

Studio Cashmere 8 was born along with the number “8” which makes reference to the month of August, the month when all four of the friends were born. It also incorporates the symbol of infinity representing their friendship over the many years and their mutual love of cashmere.

With 20 years of experience in Cashmere, the friends have pooled their knowledge around their brand without a middleman. They are proud of their direct to consumer approach with absolute control over quality, from the eco-friendly harvesting of the raw material to the knitting of the Cashmere, and this is what enables them to deliver the products at such an affordable price.

Studio Cashmere 8 is very aware of the negative impact human activities throughout the world have on the environment and is committed to preserving the ecological balance whilst putting the community at the core of their brand. It is a societal issue and a conviction for these four lovers of nomadic life.

The Studio Cashmere 8 collection is yours to treasure but ultimately it’s a story about friendship and passion.