Cashmere is a noble and rare material that requires certain precautions and care to guarantee its great longevity. Mongolians are known to say that “Cashmere thrives on water: the more you wash it, the more beautiful it becomes”. Studio Cashmere 8 advises that you wash your cashmere regularly, as the cashmere fibre requires water to guarantee its delicacy and to nourish it.

Wash your cashmere in a washing machine preferably wrapped in a protective net. Choose a cold program specific for wool as well as a special wool detergent, with a maximum spin drying of 500 RPM.

You can also hand-wash your cashmere but make sure that it does not soak for too long and rinse it afterwards with clean water. Once washed delicately, wring it out in a towel and then dry it flat on a towel, away from any heat or light sources.

Gently iron your cashmere with a steam iron at a low adapted temperature, without deforming it or pulling on the stitches.

The release of a small excess of cashmere in the form of peeling is normal and natural. To avoid this, wash your cashmere regularly to nurture the fabric. Should a small amount of peeling occur, we advise that you use a special type of razor made for pullovers so that you may remove it without any damage to the fabric.