Harvesting the cashmere fibre and our approach to sustainable production.

This precious product, cashmere, is one of the finest thermoregulatory materials because it naturally adapts to our body's temperature. We select with the utmost care the finest, longest and whitest fibres to ensure extremely soft quality sustainable cashmere with intense colours. This is one of the reasons why the quantity of each Studio Cashmere 8 product is very limited. Each item is unique, custom designed during moments shared by the four friends.

Each spring, they trek across the high plateaus of Mongolia to meet the nomadic goat herders of the Capra Hisca goat. This breed of goat produces the finest cashmere in the world. During the cold winters they need to face freezing temperatures which can reach -40 degrees Celsius. Under their long, thick hair they have developed a precious down that protects them from the extreme cold, wind and rain. This natural protection moults naturally when spring comes along with the onset of the warmer weather.

Respecting the seasons, the Mongolian goat herders following a 200-year-old ancestral combing technique recover these precious fibres which will subsequently become the raw material of Studio Cashmere 8.

All the Studio Cashmere 8 collections have been imagined, designed and conceived in our little fashion studio in Provence (South of France) by insisting on the finest stitching techniques (jacquard, cable, openwork stitch, intarsia, embroidery, hard dying, hard finishing…). We work daily to offer you a Cashmere wardrobe with a contemporary design and various models (fitted, regular and oversize) adapted to all morphologies. All Studio cashmere 8 models are then knitted in their little workshop in a small town in Inner Mongolia (A Chinese Autonomous Region).