The goats that produce the down used for the production of Studio Cashmere8 cashmere are raised in ideal climatic conditions in Mongolia by nomadic breeders. Their goal is to produce quality cashmere fiber while preserving the environment. The material is collected and transformed at the source to guarantee traceability.

As proof of its commitment, Studio Cashmere8 has collaborated since the beginning with partners aiming for STANDARD 100 by ​OEKO-TEX® certification. This label guarantees the absence of substances that are harmful or irritating to the skin, such as azo dyes, formaldehyde, cadmium, nickel and many other chemicals.


Studio Cashmere8 has made its partners sign a charter on animal welfare and good ethical and environmental conduct. Also concerned about the conditions of people at work, Studio Cashmere8 ensures that each stage of production respects human rights (refusal of child labor, no forced labor and no exploitation of workers, health and safety for all workers).

Studio Cashmere8 is above all a story of women and men passionate about their profession, committing to the future of the planet through small actions every day. Together we continue to preserve and build our planet, so that tomorrow is always better than yesterday...